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Cairns Green Smart builders MV Designer Homes have a total commitment to ensuring your new home is sustainable in design, function and livability. As an accredited HIA Green Smart Professional, you can be assured your new property has been designed and constructed to minimize its environmental impact, while maximizing your cost savings.

What is Green Smart

GreenSmart is a Housing Industry Association (HIA) program, providing accredited builders with the latest information on practical, affordable and durable environmental solutions.

Green Smart Benefits

Houses designed and built using the GreenSmart principles improve energy and water efficiency, reduce waste during building and improve construction site management systems.

Thinking Ahead

GreenSmart principles ensure that even during its initial design and construction, there are plans and provisions to make a house more adaptable for all stages of life. Now that’s smart thinking.

Cairns Green Smart Professionals

MV Designer Homes are Cairns’ GreenSmart professionals. What does that mean? It means we design and build to incorporate the latest sustainability principles and practices and recommend products which minimize energy consumption and maximize long term cost savings.

GreenSmart houses and builders reduce waste during the build, improve site management during construction, improve long term water and energy efficiency for occupants, provide options to make the home adaptable for all stages of life and create healthier habitats for occupants.

To achieve all this, a range of factors are taken into consideration, right from the very beginning. This includes, but is not limited to, the orientation of the house on its land / block, ventilation, insulation, thermal mass and flooring.

AT MV Designer Homes we believe in delivering the dream to each and every customer. We deliver beauty, individuality, functionality and sustainability. We’re building today for your tomorrow and we’re taking care of our environment at the same time. For more information on our green credentials, contact us today.

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